Martynas Galdikas

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         I am a photographer - Martynas Galdikas. I wasn’t the one who found photography - photography found me and slowly became a great part of my life. It all started with my dad… When I was still a youngling, he used to spend most of his time with a photo camera in his hands. His passion for it was so immense that nights full of photographic chemicals in a darkened, red-lit bathroom while processing pictures overruled everything. As a little boy I was so astonished with my dad’s work that it got me curious, I wanted to help him. Slowly, step by step this interest has built foundations for my current work. After finishing school, I decided to choose art studies, later I worked in marketing and advertising. Today I am happy to say that photography, design and advertisements is not just my job, it is also a pleasure and my passion.

We have been running professional photoshoots of all varieties for four years. I am using plural here, because in all photoshoots/projects I work together with my loyal companion - wife Inesa. According to her - my understanding of art and passion for photography inspired her as well and now we are both crazy in love with it.

           I think we both agree that our favourites are wedding photoshoots, they are the ones that fulfill us the most. This is because one can incorporate all genres of photography into it, and get immeasurable emotions. Wedding photoshoots are bound to be full of good energy and wedding photographers are very special guests, who know how to stop and capture the most beautiful moments in a new family’s life story. The wedding day is the most important and extraordinary day for newlyweds,  thus, understanding that, we feel highly responsible to create a perfect memory for a new family. However traditional it might be, every single wedding celebration is different, every couple is different, every photoshoot is different. We try to observe people and notice their uniqueness and do our best to capture all important moments as they are. At the end of the day, all you have left is a story and all you need to do is to tell it rightly through photographs.

           During the last four years, we were honoured to meet dozens of lovely people, who were not afraid to let us into their lives and allow us to capture and tell their stories through the pictures. The passion to see their inner beauty encouraged us to create heartfelt pieces of artwork that we are publishing in our first ever exhibition, called “They said...YES” ("Jie pasakė... TAIP") !


Seminarai ir mokymai:

2014.06.08 Albert Pocej portretinio vestuvių ir poros fotografavimo mokymai.

2015.03.14 Vadim Fasij vestuvių fotografavimo seminaras.

2015.04.11 Fotoklubo „Žybt“ praktiniai portreto fotografavimo mokymai.

2016.04.16-17 Vadim Fasij vestuvių fotografavimo seminaras, praktiniai užsiėmimai.

2016.06.15 Nakutis Photography kartu su One 2 One – marketingas fotografams.

2016.10.17 Dan Hecho vestuvių fotografavimo seminaras.

2017.06.14-15 Igor Bulgak vestuvių fotografavimo seminaras, praktiniai užsiėmimai.

2017.11.25 Jūras Duo Photography seminaras "Vestuvių fotografijos virtuvė"